Dice Links With Sneakervision…See what what talked about.

Dice!! I have Followed you on Instagram for a while and I noticed that you rock really Nice Sneakers-How long have you been a Sneakerhead? When did you start Collecting Sneakers? “I have to say that I have been a sneaker head all my life. I have been wearing sneakers for as long as I can remember. I was never into heels or girly shoes so to speak.”

What pair of Sneakers would you say are your Holy Grail’s? I have a few pair of sneakers that are my “Holy Grails” so to speak. I have High-End sneakers like Gucci and Louis V. that are great but I also have some Retro Jordans that are very exclusive that I have.”
Are you a Jordan/Nike only Fan? Or are you open to Puma, Adidas, Reebok? Whatever looks good?  Majority of my sneakers are Jordans but I do like other brands as well. I like the comfort of the Adidas NMD’s lately.” Cool. 
Has anyone ever offered to buy your Sneakers off your feet? LOL!!  “LOL. yes a few times but I have small feet so they can’t get them. I wear kids size shoe.”  (Laughs)
What do you think about how the Sneaker Culture is turning to more females coppin the hottest releases/being more vocal about sizes? Also, females wanting the Grade School Sizes to have the same like, quality and kind as the Men’s releases? “It’s cool that women are becoming sneakers heads as well. They out here being real swaggy with some sneakers that the guys don’t even have. They are looking cute and being comfortable at the same time. I do wish that many of the sneakers that come out for men would come out in the kid sizes but they don’t. Its a lot of those sneakers that I wish I could get but they don’t have my size. Hopefully that changes soon.” Yes agreed! my Sole Sistas NEED to be included too. 
What inspired you to create your own Brand-Roll the Dice? I love to wear t-shirts and sweatshirts and hoodies. I wanted to create my own brand that people would love and want to wear and invest in. I wanted to have a brand that catered to both men and women. Cool designs that people would love and wear and feel comfortable in. I just revamped my website so its has a new look and feel to it.  Roll the Dice Clothing. ”  Nice! Yes, I checked out your site, it’s nice. 
Who’s in your All-Star Line Up-Who’s your top 5-Past and present? Who’s Winning the NBA Finals? LOL!! “LOL to be completely honest I have not watched a lot of basketball this season. My All-Star line up would be Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Steph Curry, and Shaquille O’Neal. lol I’m not sure who is winning the Finals. I was going for OKC.”  Gotcha!!
Thank you Dice for chatting with Sneakervision. The Sneaker Culture needs to know that women can Rock Sneakers, whatever brand and cop Sneakers, just like the guys can. And we look WAY better in them than the guys do. “Absolutely. Thanks so much. It was a pleasure.”
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