Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

Sneaker Lover’s, My weekend is always a blur. This weekend more than any. My mom had a birthday on 4/26. So we celebrated this weekend. BUT Saturday for date night; Mr and I went to see Avengers. Have you seen it? It was long, but good, action packed. I didn’t know all of the Characters. However; I was wondering when the Avengers were going to Wakanda. LOL. But over all a good movie. If you go, make sure you stay until the end. I missed the end, I wasn’t thinking. I wish I could have seen it. Check out 2 of the Marvel Characters my sweet honey picked up for me. ❤❤❤

Date night, I rocked my Classic White and Black Retro 9’s. I love those Sneakers. I am not crazy about the laces. I should trade them out.

Last but never least, I was able to take my favorite girl, my Mom, to Chattanooga this weekend. We rode the Chattanooga River Boat, which is called the Southern Belle.  It was a nice ride, you should try it. It was a little chilly. Link Posted here. Southern Belle River Boat.

After that we went to Rain Thai Bistro in Chattanooga. Absolutely delicious. I love this place. Rain Thai Bistro.  I had the Spicy Basil Noodles with Chicken. My mom had the Medium Pad Thai with Tofu. We had the veggie Spring rolls to share and water to drink.

Did you pick up any dope Sneakers this weekend?

Thank you as always for reading my blog. I have some exciting interviews coming up. Stay tuned.

Peace, love and Sneakervision.


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