SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey What’s Up Sneaker Lover’s? How was your weekend? I hope relaxing, fun and you did some things you wanted to do.

My weekends are pretty much the same. Family and fun. Date night is always good. We hit an old familiar place that we frequent. Hudson Grille. We had the Queso Dip, Wings and Fries. It was good, but not as delicious as we remembered, not sure if they changed management or what? But it was ok. The company was way better than the food. I rocked my Jordan 1′ Mid-Love. Black and Yellow. (Not Pictured)


For my Sunday funday-I hung out with mom. We went to this vegetarian Chinese Spot called Harmony. The food is VERY delicious. ALL Vegetarian. I cannot get the link to work, but Google them, good food. I had the Spring Rolls, Beef Ho Fun noodles and Sweet tea. My mom had the Spicy Shredded mushrooms, tofu and veggies with brown rice and Sweet tea.  To dinner I wore my Black and Gold 14’s. I am not crazy about 14’s but they made good for a rainy day.

Tomorrow is Air Max day. I don’t have many Air Max. Only a few. What are you rocking tomorrow? Are you trying to cop the Sean Witherspoon’s Dropping tomorrow? They are on a draw. It’s going to be tough. But for $160 it’s worth the try. Have your SNKRS app ready!

I hope you have an amazing week!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision

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