SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

What’s up my SneakerLovers! I hope your weekend has been amazing and relaxing. I hope you are able to relax on the weekends. Rock your favorite Sneakers and Hang out with the people you love. That’s what weekends are about.

I always love sharing with you what I do on the weekends. My weekends always consist of Date Night with my honey. We like to try New Places to eat in Atlanta. Last night we went to a place called Chicago Pizza Sports Grille. Located in Smyrna, GA. We had a really nice time. The Waitress was very attentive. We got the Cheese Fries. Which were just French Fries covered in Cheddar Jack Cheese. We then Split a BBQ Chicken Deep Dish Pizza. This pizza comes with Grilled Chicken, onions, cheddar jack, mozzerella and a BBQ sauce. The pizza was SO delicious. I had a cosmopolitan or 2 for my drink. Good Spot. Nice vibe. If in Atlanta you should try it. Here’s the Link. Take a look at the menu. Chicago Pizza Sports Grille. See Pics of what we ordered below.


My Sneaker Choice of the Night was my Air Jordan 1 Mid-Love. Those Sneakers are a pair of my Fav’s  and they are super comfy! The Yellow and Black Colorway definitely make the Mid-Love’s Stand out. I wore Leggings from New York and Company with a Zipper on the Outside Ankle,  a Sweatshirt Dress from New York and Company and  Ruffled Jean Jacket From New York and Company. Not pictured.

Nike Jordan 1 Mid-Love


What did you wear this weekend?

Wishing you the BEST week. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. What are you buying yourself or the one you love?

Peace, LOVE and Sneakervision

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