Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up, Kind of…

Hey My SneakersLover’s, I have been MIA. As I revealed to you in one of my last post, a very very close family member is very sick. So I have MORE responsibilities than I did before. But Please follow me on twitter @Sneakervisi0n with an 0 (zero).  I post a lot on twitter. We had Snow in Atlanta, Uughhh.  I don’t like snow. That’s crazy right? I just don’t like it.

This week was CRAZY with the drops.  Did you pick up anything you wanted? My main MUST have were the Win Like 96’s. I truly thought I was going to be able to cop through Nike SNKRS app. No such Luck. I had to go through FinishLine. With FinishLine you gotta pay the shipping. Uughhhhh. Paying shipping is a bummer. But guess what? Those Win Like 96’s sold out. So that’s a win.

Who is looking forward to the Jordan 6’s next weekend?  Like Mike…So many dope Drops lately.

Wishing you the BEST week.

Peace, Love and SneakerVision


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