SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap-Up!

What’s Up SneakerLovers? I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I did. I got some much needed rest and time with Mr. SneakerVision. Nothing too drastic though. I rocked a lot of 4’s this weekend. I think the 4’s are one of the most comfy J’s. What would you rate as your MOST comfy pair of J’s?

For date Night, I rocked my Jordan 4 Royalty’s. It was a close tie Between the Royalty’s and the Jordan 4 Premium’s. I don’t I like the Current leather lace up on the Premium’s. They do come with a lace alternative. I might try swapping them out. This drink I had at the Hudson Grille was pretty delicious. It’s the Raspberry Lemonade Martini. You have to try it. I rocked my Jordan 4 Oreo’s today for running errands.

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I hope my SneakerLover’s had an amazing weekend!

Peace, Love and SneakerVision

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