I get this question ALL the time. How are you able to get all the Retro’s? They always sell out.  It’s just to hard to get those sneakers. And I don’t ALWAYS get the sneakers I want. Its the luck of the draw. I seem to come up lucky. *wink*. I don’t like to pay over retail. Nothing against resellers, but some of the prices they charge are INSANE. Have I ever purchased from a reseller? YES!

Well, I will give you some advice. I don’t mind sharing…

My website of choice; is Finish Line. For some reason this works out for me. The format is easy.

  • The First thing you need to do is establish a Finish Line account-this is free. What this does is cut down on log in time when its release date day. You will enter  in all information requested.
  • The second thing  you need to do it get a Paypal account. This will cut down on having to type in your credit card information, plus more secure.
  • I would also recommend that you have Finish Line App downloaded to your phone. The Finish Line app, will send you alerts as to the dates and times of the latest drops.
  • Keep in mind, Retro Jordan’s pretty much ALWAYS drop at 10AM, Eastern Standard time on Saturdays.
  • Also, check Finish Line Website for release dates. This will give you and idea of what is dropping and what you want to purchase. See release Date Calendar-Finish Line Release Date Calendar.
  • After you have your account set up, get logged in around 9:30Am.
  • I have had more success copping sneakers on my phone than on my laptop.
  • Also the SNKRS App from Nike has been very easy too. Same concept as Finish Line. However, Nike offers free shipping on their Sneakers. I like FREE shipping.
  • Now, don’t get discouraged if you see a page that keeps churning. Keep trying. I have had times when, it’s 10:30AM and I’m scared that what I wanted sold out, but it didn’t. So don’t give up.
  • After you make your Finish Line purchase, you will receive an email from Finish Line that says, your order is OFFICIAL. This will be one of the BEST feelings. LOL!!!

I hope this post can help someone who is struggling with coppin J’s!

You are welcome!!

To see a part of my sneaker collection head over to my Instagram page-@isneakerwatch-plenty of pictures.


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