Definition Guide to Sneakerhead Slang…UPDATED

I will add more as time progresses.

Sneakerhead-one who dreams of sneakers and purchases them and her only focus is sneakers

Copped-bought or purchased

Deadstock-never worn or tried on, only factory laced


Dropping-releasing or online to buy

Release date-Date we can go online and buy

Beaters-sneakers that are worn a lot!! They look beat up but to YOU they are still nice

Holy Grails/Grails-Sneakers that mean A LOT, you wouldn’t dare mess them up

Clean-means what is says, the Sneakers are clean

GR-means a General Release, easy to find or buy

GS-means Grade School, Normally ladies will be able to buy these

Plug-like if someone says I am the plug-this means they have the latest shoes and can get them early, for a higher price

Hypebeast-Not to be confused with the popular website. But a person who buys every single Sneaker regardless of how it looks.

Jordan 2's
Jordan 2’s


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