Wish Atl hosts June Ambrose X Puma, Keeping Score

Wish Atlanta, June Ambrose, Puma, Keeping Score Collection

I haven’t blogged in a long time, so excuse the choppiness and enjoy the post (ALL SMILES).

I was sent an invite earlier in the week, sharing that Wish Atl, women’s owned sneaker boutique, in East Atlanta, would be hosting June Ambrose’s newest collection with Puma, Keeping Score on January 26, 2023, from 6-9PM. When we arrived there were plenty of invitee’s waiting, sitting, chatting and wandering around the store. You could take a first look at June’s new collection with Puma, Keeping Score.

When June came out there a mini styling session and she shared inspiration behind her designs. Skirts, shirts, shorts, hoodies and sneakers. You name it, Keeping Score looks like a really dope collection. And of course, what was even doper to ME is/was June’s words and message behind the collection.

Her Q & A with Julie Hogg-co-founder of Wish Atl, was very informative and reminded us to never give up on our dreams and aspirations. On June’s IG page she says her mantra behind the collection, ” We’re Keeping Score as we strive to be our best selves…in everything we do. I’m keeping score are you?”

Great message!!

See below for a few pictures from the event. *The last photo on the right belongs to Puma.

Click the link to shop Keeping Score collection now —>> June Ambrose, Keeping Score

Over all this was a very dope event. 2023 In Atlanta seems to have kicked off to a great start and a lot of fun events I should have blogged about. Blogging feels GOOD again and I want to do more of it. Until next time…

Peace, Love and ONLY Sneakervision!

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