Dopest Women’s Pick-Up’s 2021 Part 2.

Bubble Gum Jordan 1

Continuing my series with the dopest women’s pick-up in 2021…everyone loves Jordan 1’s. You can rock them almost anything, a dress, dressy pants, jeans, shorts; it’s a versatile sneaker. The women’s drop Bubble Gum Jordan 1 was an absolute, must have and add to my collection.

This sneaker is a glossy dark blue and pink women’s Jordan 1, it also has a cute bubble gum “stain” on the bottom, like you stepped in gum. Pretty dope!

I think the only missed opportunity; if you remember, Rasheeda had a song My Bubble Gum, the song and video (maybe the video is a little outdated) but the concept would have been DOPE to introduce this sneaker with a dope video bubble gum concept. Kind of like the video is set up now, but with Rasheeda and all of her girls rockin the Bubble Gum 1’s-in crazy dope whips! That would have been fun!!

Rasheeda Bubble Gum

What do you think? Where you able to get your hands on these? I know many ladies wanted this sneaker. See pics below.

Bubble Gum Jordan 1's
Women’s Jordan 1 Bubble Gum

Peace, Love and nothing but SneakerVision!!

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