Kelly Loeffler is Problematic for the WNBA and WOMEN.

Black Lives Matter

You would have to be living in the Twilight Zone, if you have haven’t heard about police brutality and violence against many, many unarmed BLACK people in America. The unnecessary killing of George Floyd was the TIPPING point for ALL Americans; regardless of race, color , sexual orientation or creed. Seeing an unarmed mans life taken-at the hands of a white police officer-who watched George Floyd’s breath leave his body; has to be one of the most sinister crimes, I have ever seen in my life. Yes, we have tons of examples; I could go on…

Black Lives Matter-is a movement-and, I agree-NO lives can matter until Black ones do. And finally, BLACK people are being recognized-and shown that we do matter; however, only time will tell the true results. As a Black Woman, are the cards stacked against me? Yes. I can walk into a room, be just as educated as the next person, that is White and no one sees my face or chooses to ask my opinion. If I give my opinion; I am an angry Black woman-and that’s not always the case. I am just passionate about what I believe.

I am just as passionate about Sneakers, WNBA, The Atlanta Dream-these are avenues for WOMEN, BLACK WOMEN, Openly Gay Women, White Women-they ALL have a place in these arenas. I am highly embarrassed and offended to hear that Republication, State Representative, Kelly Loeffler, is in opposition of WNBA players wearing Black Lives Matter-on the back of their jerseys. Sen. Loeffler, siting, Black Lives Matter is a mob rule type of mentality. Let’s also note that Sen. Loeffler is also co-owner of the Atlanta Dream. Well, what percentage of the team is BLACK and openly gay? Did Sen. Loeffler do her research before becoming co-owner? You can’t believe in, support, or OWN a team that you don’t genuinely support-no matter the color or sexual orientation.

Statement cited from Twitter

While I do appreciate Cathy Engelbert’s Statement-see below. I still believe the statement could have been more direct. Black Lives Matter!! Period.

Cathy Engelbert Statement on the WBNA

Many WBNA Ballers are speaking out and requesting that Sen. Loeffler not have any dealings with the Atlanta Dream. I too, would like to see her gone.

All information sited from Twitter

If Senator Loeffler, cannot see the issues of her problematic racist ways-maybe she needs to co-own a team that values her and what she believes in. As far as I can tell, Sen. Loeffler is a woman, still a minority in some ways and she doesn’t understand the values of the WNBA (Atlanta Dream). Again! To Sen. Loeffler; Black Lives Matter Sis! They always have and they always will-FINALLY America is waking up from it’s horrible nightmare. It’s time you did too!

Peace, Love and all I have to give is Sneakervision!

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