Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up…kinda

Sneakers and Flight Pants

With the Coronavirus outbreak, I have been doing my part and staying close to home. No going out to restaurants to eat… So my weekends are a little different now. Before I was able to shop on the weekends, always looking for dope finds. As you know, Ross is my go to!! Well since I am staying in more; I decided to show you some of the dope stuff I have been picking up and how you can ball out on a budget.

But first, let me show you my weekend rotation. Of course, I had to rock all fly sneakers just to run my errands. LOL!

Nike Huaraches so old. Nike Yellow Daybreak so comfy and Air Max-always so fly.

Sneaker Rotation
Huaraches so old!!
Ross Haul

I hope you enjoyed my video. More coming….

I wish you Peace, Love and always Sneakervision!!

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