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Maya Moore Jordan 1

How was your weekend? My weekend was low key but busy. Bestie had a Birthday cookout over the weekend. I ate toooooo much delicious food. But was a major good time.

I hope all who wanted copped the Jordan 3 UNC Blue’s. I didn’t realize how limited they would be. Super Loud SHOUT OUT to City Gear for picking me to win the raffle. I am a lucky girl. City Gear is also super dope because they let me go to the back of the store and take all the pictures I want in the mirror. They are always beyond gracious.

Jordan 3 UNC Carolina Blue
City Gear Mirror

I have met thee DOPEST people/ women on Social Media. So many outlets tagged me and other women for International Women’s Day! And it feels good. Really every day Should be Women’s Day! But today feels good!
For International Women’s Day, I felt it only right for me to Rock My GS Maya Moore J1’s. I love these Sneakers, Pink and Grey, just a subtle, comfy sneaker.

Maya Moore Jordan 1 GS
Jordan 1 Maya Moore GS

I know there is still more work to do, so that women can be equal on the playing field, board room, and sneaker world. But right now, something feels a little different. It feels like the wheelhouse is churning and I don’t want to walk away from it; knowing that I am watching and other women are watching too! We all we got! I’m going to stay on board. I’m going to keep going. I’m super deep in the sneaker game.

Women! Sneakers….

In my…Da Baby voice!!!! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you peace, love and I hope you ONLY have Sneakervision.

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