SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

I did not want this weekend to end. I had too much of a good time. Actually, my weekend started Friday night at a really dope spot downtown Decatur called Leon’s. A definitely MUST check out place. It also helped that my cousin knew the manager. Drinks and Dessert. Can’t go wrong with starting the weekend out with all that.

Leon’s Full Service

I typically don’t buy women’s sweat shirts. Men’s sweatshirts are just as comfy. But I got this women’s sweatshirt with the matching pants from the Nike Outlet on Saturday and the Sweatshirt has POCKETS!!! I love it. I honestly did not realize it had pockets until I put it on. LOL. I would love to pick one up in Gray. Major shout out to City Gear for that Raffle Win on the Pine Green J’s. And letting me wander around the store to take pics at my leisure.

Women Nike Sweatsuit with a pair of Fearless Mids and my Pine Green J1’s

Saturday night me and my cousin headed over to this place called Tom, Dick and Hank. The food and drinks were delicious!!! The atmosphere was like you were hanging out at a backyard BBQ.
Link here to see more.
Nothing but fun times!!! The name of my drink was The Perfect Atlantan! Yes! LOL!! Delicious. My cousin had the turkey burger which I tasted and yes, one of the BEST. I had the 6 wings, fried and dry rubbed with the Mac and cheese! YUMMMMMMMMMY. I would definitely go back.

Sunday Funday! So my passion, beyond food and sneakers is social media. I have been dabbling with managing a few social media platforms for 2 clients local in Atlanta. Today, I had the opportunity to mange an event for a women’s non-profit organization. Very cool FREE event open to ALL women. I didn’t want to wear heels for 4 hours and I didn’t. I rocked my Concord 11’s. One of the most comfy pair of sneakers! The event went off without a hitch! Major self affirmation for women today. Gotta believe in YOURSELF. Great reminder. I need to do more of this!

Kenya Heard Jordan Concord 11’s
Me!! Rocking Concord 11’s

I NEED more weekends like this one. Or maybe my week days need to be more of doing things I love. Sneakers, food and social media. I started my own social media company. . . I’m over the MOON. Next step, getting clients…always building.

I hope this next week is one of the BEST for you. I wish you Peace, Love, and ONLY Sneakervision!

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