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Jordanbrand and Sole Play Atl

Major shout out to Sole Play Atl for putting the ladies FIRST! Sole Play Atl IS really showing the ladies lots of love and respect.

Sole Play Atl
Sole Play Atl

The ladies JordanBrand team was back in Atlanta, with an all ladies round table event. We got to see exclusive samples and prototypes of sneakers that might drop or may never drop. But it’s just really cool to get our opinions on what we want to see in a sneaker.

Some of the Women’s only Sneakers we weren’t quite feeling. So the question was asked, do we want exclusive WOMENS sneakers or do we want to just continue to pick up the men’s sneakers? My question is, why can’t we be included? As you know I’m a men’s size 8 sneakers, so I’m good. But many Jordans are not going to hit below a size 8. Specifically, a point of interest are the Animal Print Jordan 3. I was able to cop, and this does look like a women’s sneaker. More women would have copped if the size run would have dropped lower. Just include the ladies.

Jordan 3 Retro SE Animal Instinct
Jordan 3 Animal Print

I really liked the JordanBrand Women’s collection that recently dropped. I did mention that there should be a Jordanbrand Womens Twitter and Instagram page dedicated to the women’s collection (s) exclusively. It’s true that as a woman, we like to touch, feel and try on our clothes before purchasing. But I feel like, if we see the pieces being modeled ahead of time, we would be more willing to buy immediately. For example, the Jordanbrand Utility pants, I saw them online, they looked really comfy, I saw in person and tried on at Wish Atl, I copped!! Me seeing online; of course, created that need. I think small tweaks would make it easier to reach women that want to buy women’s Jordanbrand apparel. I am still trying to find the Bright Yellow Hoodie. I should have picked up when I saw it at Wish.

Jordanbrand Womens Utility Pants
JordanBrand Women’s Utility Pants

I can’t express how thankful I am to be included in the movement. Women have buying power, we like to shop! Let us buy!

Peace, Love and ONLY Sneakervision!

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