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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit Wish Atl. Wish Atl is a very cool Sneaker and Apparel boutique located in Little 5 Points, a very trendy location in Atlanta. If you remember L5P is also home of the gigantic Mural Of OutKast. See my pictures of me hitting up the mural in October 2019.

OutKast Mural, L5P

I heard that Wish Atl was going to reveal the collection, but I have been so busy I completely forgot. However, the Ladies from Made for the W, reached out to me and Tiona asking if we could hit up Wish Atl and take some pics and video. I’m always down with anything that involves sneakers. Check out some of my pictures from Wish Atl. The whole focus was on women. DJ was a woman, the in store pop ups were women, doing nails, laying baby hair, temporary tattoos. The vibe was just truly dope and relaxed. I rocked my Jordan 9 Johnny Kilroy’s on Saturday!

Wish Atl 2 Jordan Brand Women release party

I thought the collection was pretty dope. I love the versatility of the clothing and that you can mix and match several pieces. I felt like the pieces were kind of pricey, but that’s pretty standard among Nike, Jumpman, Jordan Brand Apparel. I ended up getting the Jordan Women Utility pants in black. I wanted the Olive Green ones too, but they fit a little different. Tighter. One pair of pants were $120. The Utility pants give me parachute pant vibes. LOL! Who remembers parachute pants from back in the day? LOL! I am not really into the Flight Suit, just not sure where I would wear that. The Jordan Women’s jackets are $250. Seems a little steep, but hey! I know someone will buy. What I might go back and get is the neon yellow Jumpman pull over hoodie. I love the old school vibes this collection is giving me. The Jordan Brand Women’s collection will drop on 2/13/2020 on SNKRS and Teyana Taylor is the face of that campaign.

Photo belongs to Nike

I am really thankful that the ears of people who are listening, that can make changes regarding women’s apparel in the sneaker industry. It seems as if they are really taking notice. Women can and will spend the money, BUT you have to make the clothing for US and pieces that I will actually tell my girlfriends, yes these are comfy!! I am open and excited to see what’s next…what brand is next?

I wish you nothing but peace, love and forever Sneakervision.

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