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Adidas Or Ivy Park or Beyonce, I might get a lot of backlash for this post, but I have to speak from my heart. Yes, I am aware that her collection sold out! That’s amazing and dope. I hope TRUE fans were able to cop all the dope pieces they wanted.

Adidas X Ivy Park x Beyoncé

Over 9 months when it was announced that Adidas was partnering with Beyonce for a Sneaker Collab, I was really, hesitant, yet optimistic. I tried to keep an open mind. And I did. I supported. I really loved this picture of Beyonce posted up, surround by sneakers, THIS gave me hope. This post is straight from my LinkedIn page 9 months ago.

Beyoncé X Adidas

So my first thought when I saw this post, OK!!! This Collab is going to be different, versatile. While I do love Beyoncé’s music and she is a dope entertainer, sports-wear and sneaker-culture not so much.

So let’s fast forward to 2020. We are getting previews of Beyoncé’s Adidas X Ivy Park collab. The marketing campaign was done just right, the marketing was dope! While Beyonce is definitely a beautiful, powerful woman; the ladies Who LOVE sneakers in the sneaker culture, I know, don’t dress anything Ike this. ( Trust me, I am in NO WAY judging the way Beyoncé dresses).

Adidas X Ivy Park X Beyoncé

I just couldn’t get 100% behind this collaboration. I WANTED to so bad. Normally if I can’t cop a Nike/Jordan I will go straight to StockX and cop. Not in this case. The Adidas Ultra Boost retailed for $200.00 on StockX for $256.00. I just cannot let my fingers Make that purchase. So that’s my take. Enough of my venting.

Adidas X Ivy Park X Beyoncé

So let me add some positivity to this post. Who are some dope women that could pull off a name brand collection and SWAGG it out right. First of all, why not bank on women that are actually emerged in the culture. True athletes. My first pick, is the ever so dope and swaggy Diamond DeShields of the Chicago Sky. She’s authentic, rocks what she likes and Her fits ARE believable. Not really 2nd, but more of a TY (see what I did there)? , is the self proclaimed Sneakerhead herself, Ty Young, former Atlanta Dream player; now Plays for the Aces. Ty Young’s swagg is on a million. She even calls herself Swaggy T.

Diamond DeShields. Ty Young

Next my pick is Allyson Felix, Gold Medalist, runner, a mom; her outfits and looks stay bringing the HEAT. Put her ON!!!

Allyson Felix

Now, I don’t consider these ladies random’s at all, but they are non-athletes, they stay serving over the edge of fly. Teyana Taylor, could definitely pull off major swagg for any athletic brand. Yes, I see her posing for Nike Jordanbrand, but the pieces could be better. Another dope chick on the scene is LaShontae Heckard, American Actress, has a son by Brandon Jennings, NBA player, might be playing in Italy now. I know the issues that Teyana and Tae had so no need to mention it. Both ladies still dress bomb. Two major brands should go toe to toe with dressing these ladies, or let me do it. Since their natural element is “Streetwear”.

Teyana Taylor. LaShontae Heckard

I do not want this to be a negative post. I KNOW the Beyhive Stans for Yonce, and I am here for it. The Adidas x Ivy Park x Beyoncé Collab was just…mediocre to me. Gave me more House of Dereon, I wanted it to be something for my ladies DEEP in the culture.

I wish you nothing but peace, love, and ONLY Sneakervision!

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