SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

You already KNOW!!! Weekends are typically FUN for me. This weekend, I really didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Still a fun weekend!!

I know everyone has heard about or already tasted the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, and geez allllllll of the controversy surrounding the Sandwich. And I don’t buy into stereotypes surrounding the Sandwich, that’s lame! All PEOPLE enjoy good chicken. I am no exception. I asked him, yo…you choose what we are eating for dinner. He said ok, let me think…a few hours later, he pulls up with Nachos, LOL and Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches. I was like how long was the line, he said 15 minutes. Well ok! Whoever said the sandwich wasn’t all that is lying!!! This Sandwich was GOOD. Crispy, big pickles and a sauce, I think he said he asked for Spicy chicken This sandwich was bigger than Chick Fil-A’s sandwich. I thought It was a good sandwich and I am looking forward to getting another one.

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, wine and paper plates too!

Over the weekend, I was thinking; I’m always rocking the latest hype. I need to show my older sneaks some love. So I broke out my old Jordan black/red cement grey IV’s, with the Jumpman on the back. These were released in 2012. Yep, they are chipping BAD kinda, beat, but I love them.

2012 Jordan IV’s

What did you rock over the weekend? Beaters? Or the latest hype? Whatever you rocked, I hope you showed your sneakers some love. Take pictures in them. Rock your joints. I know I do.

Wishing you peace, love and always SNEAKERVISION!

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