Champions for Philanthropy…

Champions for Philanthropy! Definitely an evening of Impact.

Social media, networking is definitely the way to get to KNOW people. Champions for Philanthropy, Angel McCoughtry And Friends did not disappoint. Working a Full time Job; the WNBA is cool and all, but what about after that? Why not start a business while the the money is decent and invest your money? Financial literacy is so important. Kim Mustin, from Bernstein, talked about doing business with people you trust and that look out for you. Was great information.

Champions of Philanthropy

My biggest take away from Champions for Philanthropy, definitely the women that are living their lives on their own terms BUT when Angel McCoughtry said she was always told to stay in her own lane, as a women, but WHY??? There are many lanes to choose from. Nah…we choose to move around. This is the BEST advice I’ve heard in a long time.

I’m looking forward to attending more events like these. Was a fun night!!!

Peace, Love and ONLY Sneakervision!!!

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