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I know I typically do a Weekend Wrap Up. But I just wanted to change it up a little. From Friday until today I have been busy and running, doing Everything fun!! Friday night we did the Atlanta Dream game vs the Dallas Wings. My Dream pulled out a WIN!!!! And the crowd went crazy!!! Lol. I had a BALL, no pun, I am thinking about getting Atlanta Dream season tickets. I’m committed to the  Atlanta Dream baby!!!


Saturday night, we hit an old school concert at the Mable House Amphitheatre. It was a lot of fun. Case, Zapp and The S.O.S Band. My favorite performance was Zapp, they really put on a show, geez. No one performs like that anymore. The outfit changes, the crowd was hyped. We brought our own food and wine. Was so dope. Mableton Amphitheatre seems to have a dope old school concert series going on. Hopefully we can check out some others.

Sunday I visited NikeTown at Lenox. I’m going to put that in a separate post this week. Because I copped some super cute fits. BUT I was browsing in the mall and I came across a super NICE Adidas Boutique. Sooo I browse around the store for a sec and I then ask the Manager, hey, this store is SUPER nice and your Merch is hella cute, can I snap some photos for my blog. She says, no, we can’t allow you to take pictures, corporate would like that. Oh!!! Is your Merch a secret? I was pretty disappointed. Well, I still copped a pair of light pink and cream colored ladies, Night Joggers. Everything in the store was 30% off.

I’ve been rocking my Vapor Max, Cactus Plant Flea Market sneakers for like a week. Can you say comfy comfy!

I dread going to work tomorrow. I much rather blog about Sneakers, Outfits, WNBA and Food. LOL!

Peace, always love and Sneakervision!!!

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