Lexie Brown…yep!!! She IS Nice| WNBA

Lexie Brown, Minnesota Lynx guard, professional ball handler, who happens to be a woman; teamed up with The Hoop State Network for the first episode of She Nice!! During the episode she played one on one against Darius Moore. It’s so dope that Lexie came through for the win. See video below.



Fun shoot around game and already we have our haters. See what Lexie said on Twitter .

Of course,  Lexie doesn’t have to prove herself. She made the video for fun. When will people learn that you can be a woman, a serious WNBA guard, AND make fun videos too. Apparently she’s not asking for an opinion. Thank you Lexie for making the game fun and showing other girls that you ain’t never scared.


Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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