Your Favorite Sneakers…Online Only!

I’m an online shopper. I used to LOVE to go to the mall, shop for hours…not any more. Life has gotten too busy. PLUS I know my size, ordering online is fast and simple. Well, my weakness is Old Navy though…I love the fact that I can run to Old Navy, pick out 3 pairs of jeans in my size and they fit…get a few tops, BOOM! I got cute outfits for a while.

Well who likes to pick up their sneakers in hand? I will admit, typically I just order online, from Nike SNKRS app. BUT recently things have gotten so tight with the SNKRS app. I am unable to cop. So STOCKX has been my go to.  Yes, of course I pay a little over retail. But I get the Sneakers I want. No hassle. Even sometimes a week in advance ( StockX better be authenticating my joints).  LOL!

Today I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw this post from the Trophy Room, in Florida. Run by the GOAT’s son…the Goat being Michael Jordan. Marcus Jordan posted this…see below. I kind of panicked. I was like NOOO!!! I never even got to visit the Trophy Room. But then I saw it said Online-Only during the transition. LOL!! But even so, the market is changing…making it so easy to cop online and not  be stressed out.


What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to cop your sneakers online or would you rather walk into a boutique and pick up? What’s your favorite app to cop your sneakers? Either way; I hope you get what you want. Just rock dope sneakers!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!!


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