Aleali Rust Pink Infrared Jordan 6, commemorative of the Infrared OG/Retro 6

One of the biggest hypes of the year was the return of the Retro Infrared 6’s. If you really wanted to, you were able to cop them. This Retro Infrared 6 was most true to OG status. I’ve watched tons of comparisons online from the 1991’s to the 2019’s…most true to OG.

I’ve  been seeing sneak Peeks, of the Pink Infrared Jordan 6’s, on Aleali’s Instagram page, Back since June 2018. I kind of brushed off the Pink Infrareds…yea, I’m a woman who LOVES sneakers,  but NOT pink sneakers. But NOW that I understand the meaning; Aleali picked the Rust Pink Infrareds to pay homage to the OG Black And Red Infrared 6’s. So it all makes sense…she put her own feminine spin on the 6’s. I’m also seeing where DUDES wanna cop. LOL! Fellas please let the ladies HAVE these. I truly DON’T want to see a man with a size 12 or 13 foot in these Rust Pink Infrareds.

(Top pictures belong to Aleali May)

Ladies if you are tryna cop, the Rust Pink Infrareds Drop March 15th. Will cost us $190. Who’s coppin?

Good Luck!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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