Not JUST another Sneaker Post, Black History Month

My posts normally tie into sneakers, this one is no different. When you think of Wilmington, North Carolina, you probably think the Home of the Goat, Michael Jordan, or WBNA player Ty Young. You probably thinks fisherman’s paradise and warm sunny beaches. I think all of those things too BUT it’s a little deeper than that for me. Wilmington reminds me of summers spent at my Grandparents house. Wilmington reminds me of my  Cousin, yes not a play play Cousin, my REAL BLOOD, Cousin Joseph McNeil. (My Grandmother was his Father’s Sister). Yes, he helped shape history in Greensboro, by sitting at the lunch counter, the Greensboro Four. Of course, you can look all that up in the history books. What stands out to me about Joe Joe ( we don’t call him Joseph); is how humble he is. When he was in Wilmington, he’s was at my Uncles house helping with the McNeil Family Reunion. And for my Grandmother’s 100th Birthday, Joe Joe was the Keynote speaker. Yes, my Grandmother was STILL mobile and in her right mind up until almost her 101st Birthday. When people show up for your family reunion AND you have never seen them before, they want pictures with Joe Joe, and he obliges. ( I just stare, it’s weird to me, but I get it. LOL). He’s humble and he’s a servant. This post is a BIG shout out to my cousin, Joseph  Joe Joe McNeil, for his bravery and for being a ROCK in our family.

Oh and shout out to my pick ups, the Jordan 5, Laney’s and the Black History Month 2’s.

Just a few pictures from A recent Family reunion and my Grandmother’s 100th Birthday.


Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!!!

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