Hi Bria!! Thank you for taking the time to let me find out more about your dope sneaker company. So let’s get into it!!

I personally purchased a pair of your sneakers and they look amazing!! Beautiful concept, uniquely your OWN! And I love the versatility of the laces. Also, the HNCOK Sneaker is a Sneaker that can be dressed up or down. 

Did you grow up being a SneakerHead, like rockin traditional sneakers? 
 Yes, but no at the same time…I never was really a “sneaker head” I just love anything that made me stand out, if that was a pair of shoes, a jacket, etc…
How long ago did you start your company? What inspired you to Start HNCOK? How did you come to the realization, I WANT my own Sneakers/Sneaker Company? 
I launched HNCOK first sneaker March 24,2018.I like to call myself a taste maker and not a Sneaker designer. I feel like I honestly can do anything I put my mind to…I never wanted to feel boxed in. One day I sketched a design and went full throttle with it… not taking NO for an answer. WOW!! I love that. I think that makes you so dope. You didnt’t give up. I love your attitude. 
Are you a traditional Sneakerhead, do you like Jordan’s, Adidas, Reebok? Or do you like more of a High End Sneaker?
No I was never a hype beast , nor was I a high end lover, I honestly have my picks. I like what everyone else doesn’t like. I try to wear more exclusive pieces. LOL!! Very cool. I’m some what of a hypebeast-LOL!! I love that you are different you don’t HAVE to fit in. You make and rock what you like. I peeped the dope jeans you rock. You are talented. 
What advice are you giving other young ladies, starting out in the Sneaker Business? Creating their own Sneaker Line; Because I KNOW it is hard work. 
I would tell any young lady to put your fears aside and Do IT !!! If it’s something you’re passionate in no one can tell you different. Also, do a lot of research when it comes to manufactures. Always work with people that understands your vision and not just there for the money.  Gotcha!! I agree. Whatever, your passion, do it for your passion. The Universe will open up and MAKE a way for you to make it work for you when it’s time. 
It’s a Friday, and you are have a busy day at work-what sneaker are you throwing on for all day wear? LOL!
Definitely my HNCOK’s lol !! I wear them everywhere I go !! I feel my best when I wear them. NICE!! I need to get me some Sneakervision T-shirts or bracelets to wear. 
You have Sneakers, Socks, Sweatshirts, you have your sneakers in boutiques, you LOVE Nipsey Hussle.  LOL!! Bria, where do you see HNCOKCO in 10 years? What does that look like for you? 
Ahaha, yesss !! I loveee Nipsey Hussle he keeps me pushing while on this marathon. In 10 years  I see HNCOK expanding more globally as a brand. Definitely have more of a variety of shoes, bags, furniture etc. I would like HNCOK to be the next Ralph Lauren …just timeless. Nice!! I’m rooting for you. You can do anything!!
Thank for taking the time to sit down with Sneakervision and talk about HNCOKCO. I know it’s not easy for a start up company and accomplishing what you have. Thank you for setting an example for other young ladies and showing them that it is OK to follow your heart,  dreams and passions! I am super proud of you and I will keep following your journey!
Link here for HNCOKCO. 
“Uniquely Your Own”
Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!