Last Few Pick Up’s for 2018 x Sneakervision

I know time is running out and this will be a short post, BUT I finally got my Aleali May J’1 and my Maya Moore J10’s. And they are LOVE! ( I get my sneakers delivered to my job and at haven’t been to the office in a few days, my boss said we could work from home today, but my HEART HAD to go and pick up my sneakers). Anyway!! My room is a mess; a mess of sneakers and I love it!

Everything about the Aleali May Jordan 1’s Are Rich. The colors, the fact it’s a J1 and that she created this sneaker for the ladies. Am I rocking with the fur? Probably not.  I have a 2nd pair coming from StockX. I was so terrified of missing out, I purchased a pair the night before, but was able to cop on Nike SNKRS still.

The same with the Maya Moore J10’s. The colors are RICH and DEEP. The bottoms are Icey. The box/packaging is nice. If, you didn’t cop, you should. I feel like picking up a 2nd pair.

Just wanted to share my pictures with you.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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