Sneakers X The Reality of the Women’s Market X Sneakervision

Check out what my good friend Chris Burns From ARCH-USA.COM (his website is beyond dope. He has GREAT information on his site)  had  to Say about Sneakers in the Women’s Industry- ” I’m resharing this because I visited a Nike Factory Store this weekend and the black Air Jordan 3 AWOK was there at 149.99 with an additional 30% off. The red AJ1 version performed incredibly, but the white version did not. Footlocker has reduced the Air Jordan 11 Neutral Olive to 149.99 and that’s a model that the store does not allow a discount on anymore. Using resale as a guage for brand heat establishes that Nike has delivered a ton of product for women, but women aren’t responding. It’s important to look at the disappearance of Lady Footlocker as evidence of women as conscientious consumer. The best sell through on “women’s” footwear with a resale has been the all white Air Force 1 Sage Low. Something to think about. “



I am so adamant about, women just being able to cop, the same, quality, like and kind of sneakers, as the guys can cop i.e. JUST sneakers. I have big feet, a men’s size 8. So I can pretty much cop what I want. Many of the women I have seen on IG, typically wear a size 6Y. It’s not ALWAYS that Jordan makes GS sizes in that particular Jordan OR, the quality is crappy. For whatever reason, that GS Sneaker is not made up to the same standards, as a standard sized sneaker. Which is sad. There is MAJOR room for improvement in the smaller sized, sneaker category. 

Check my response here!  From LinkedIN-So the AWOK’s would have to be like $50 for me to cop and not sure where I would wear them. ( Not being mean, just my reality). I think women, like men, want a Jordan or insert your Favorite Brand Here, to have a connection. Out of all of my Sneakers, I think the Heiress Stingrays , Lola Bunny’s and Maya Moore J1’s oh and Adidas Falcons are truly the only “Women’s” Sneakers I own. When I visit a Nike store, or even I have browsed Macy’s; I browse through the women’s section. But I quickly go to the men’s section. I want to see what cool Jordan or Nike Tee’s I can cop for the low low. I want my Weekend sweatpants to have that comfy boyfriend fit. I think brands are doing an OK job with trying to include women in their collections, but it’s not enough.

Check out My blog post from early 2018. My Boyfriend Doesn’t buy my J’s!

I would Love to hear what you think about women in the sneaker industry and what we can all do to make positive changes FOR WOMEN. We just want to cop the SAME dope Sneakers! Heck, we are breaking our necks to buy them. 

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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