Last Homage to the Concords, Jordan 11 Hype

So we have been waiting since 1995 for the Jordan 11’s to Retro, to OG status. Yes, they released with the 23 on the back. Yes, they released in Lows. But they have never Released as close to OG as they did in 2018. Sneakerheads have been buzzing about the release of the Concords, since we heard they would Retro. This Iconic Jordan 11, is a staple in any true Sneakerheads Collection. If you were paying attention, Nike SNKRS app dropped them early, 2 weeks early. I was sitting waiting for some friends to eat lunch, I saw something on Twitter, and I really can’t even remember what I saw, but, I went straight to my SNKRS app. The Concords were sitting there. I was super nervous. But I got them in my bag, and I got the confirmation that those babies were mine! What a feeling. LOL. I saw so many people complaining that they weren’t able to cop on the early release. 

Yesterday, which was the actual release date; I still hadn’t decided if I was doubling up or not. I had seen other people with 3 and 4 rafffle pick ups. Sheesh! So I decided to try for another pair, why not. I tried once, my  bank card declined. LOL! Hahahahaha! Bank of America must have thought something fraudulent was going on. I sent the text back to them YES I authorize the transaction. It then went through. So like a lot of people were saying, Jordan Brand made of ton of the Concords. I heard  close to 1 million pair. I had a snag in purchase and was still able to cop. 

My friend Over at Housakicks, Tayib, did a video, of going to the mall and seeing if the hype surrounding the Concords was really out there. The malls he hit were dead. But a guy I follow on Instagram, look at his pictures. Now he is just opening a store, The Athlete’s Foot, check Out the Line!!! Bananas. 

The Athletes Foot Stone Mountain, Georgia. 

Well, I hope everyone that wanted the 11’s copped! It surely was a hyped, must have Sneaker. 

Peace, Love and Sneakervision! 

Photo from the Athletes Foot belongs to Isomlowman. He gave me permission to use it. 

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