Rox Brown x Air Jordan 1, Sneakervision

I saw this pretty Sneaker, created for a woman, by a woman; on the Finish Line Website, But the Pictures weren’t very clear. I am finally seeing a more in depth picture on Nike. Everyone Loves a Jordan 1. And for Rox Brown, a Harlem Stylist to have a hand in designing this sneaker is so dope. This is a Sneaker I could get behind and yes, I want to cop. Of course, the J1 is an all time favorite for SneakerLovers. This Sneaker looks HARD, in all black, but super dope with the Rose on the back of the heel and on the tongue. It has a Satin look to it.  With Icey bottoms. I would love more of a story behind the Sneaker. How did Nike Pick Rox? Why did she decide to go with a Jordan 1 as her Silhouette Sneaker? Does she have a deeper connection to the J1? Are J1’s her favorite Sneaker?  Why didn’t Nike come up with a crazy dope name like Harlem Rose Girl, Concrete Rose, Black Beauty… for this Sneaker? Make it FUN!! I see she has worked with Nike on Several Nike Campaigns. Super dope. I have seen several ladies post this Sneaker as a must get on Instagram. I know , I have it picked as one of my MUST haves this year. Thank you Rox Brown X Nike for NOT designing this Sneaker in Pink or Purples. This Sneaker has a hard, but but still keeping it girly look. I don’t think the guys will be copping this sneaker, since it has the rose on the back and tongue.

I can’t wait to see these beauties in person. 

Dropping 12/12 Via Nike SNRKS App. Will cost you $160. I also saw this Sneaker on the Finish Line App. But said only as certain locations. Happy Copping. 

Peace, Love and Sneakervision. 

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