Under Armour, Riley Morrison writes Steph Curry

I am sure you have heard the story yesterday.  Young Riley Morrison writes Steph Curry a letter; inquiring about why there are no girls sneakers, that allowed customization on the Under Armour Website, only the Sneakers for boys allowed customization. Steph Curry wrote Riley back stating that he just had a meeting with Under Armour about this exact same thing.  All that is super cool. What’s even cooler is how fast Under Armour was able to import Girls Shoes, for customization on their website. Not only that, when I compare some of the Sneakers to the boys sneakers, many sneakers are identical. This is something I have been saying for a while. Do women’s sneakers HAVE to be so gender specific? Nah, not really, WE, GIRLS, just want the same quality, like and kind as the guys. Make smaller sizes, allow us to customize. Like young Riley said, we just want to rock dope Sneakers.

I struggled writing this post. It’s not very long…I think Riley has spoken VOLUMES for girls and women that JUST want to rock dope sneakers.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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