Picking Up the Concords were Major Important to me x Sneakervision

It’s probably been a week since I got my Jordan 11 Concords. Yes, I got em early via the Nike SNKRS app. I am still seeing Sneaker Lovers On IG saying the are mad they didn’t cop on the first round of getting the Concords early, so yea, it’s a super dope feeling. I have only tried on the Concords for pictures. I am thinking of copping a 2nd pair for Stocking.

As you may know about me already, Growing Up, I watched the man, the myth, the legend PLAY BALL. No hearsay, no videos…Sunday’s were reserved for the Chicago Bulls and whatever NBA game that was on. I wouldn’t consider myself a Sneakerhead back then, more of an actual MJ fan. I remember when Michael Jordan retired the first time. I remember when Michael Jordan played for the Birmingham Barrons. I saw Michael Jordan play the Baseball against the Chattanooga Lookouts (I have a picture of him in the outfield, I so wish I could find it). I remember Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA and Rocking #45. Who knows why Michael Jordan rocked #45? Who understands the significance of 23, which is approximately 1\2 of 45. Yea, I do. Brother Larry…yea, google it. So when he returned to The NBA his new number was 45, that’s how we get the OG Concords, With 45 on the back. (MJ did eventually return to 23).

Concords are just significant in the return of Michael Jordan, wearing 45. A dope, classy Sneaker with Patent leather and with HARD contrasting Colorway. The Concords were made to be dressed up OR dressed down. The Concords are just a beautiful Sneaker…they have a DEEP history behind them. These Concords are as close as you can get to the OG’s.

I hope when you cop the Concords they signify something to you. I hope they bring about nostalgia. What’s your story behind the Concords?

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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