Sneaker Con Atlanta 2018 X Sneakervision

What’s up Sneaker Lover’s. I hope your week was amazing. I had the opportunity to attend SneakerCon Atl over the weekend.  If you aren’t familiar, Sneaker Con was Started in 2009, I have a link here to go into more detail. Sneaker Con. Sneaker Con is a 2 day Sneaker Festival-that brings out Sneakers Heads, Sneaker Lovers and spectators out by the thousands. The one in Atlanta was Held over 2 days, October 27 and 28th, at the Galleria Mall in Atlanta, GA.


Sneaker Con, brings out Social Media Personalities, Rare Sneakers and a day of buying, trading and selling Sneakers. What was most interesting to me, was the demographic of Sneaker Con. You had young black kids, young white kids, Asians, Older White Women and men, all walks of life. It’s really a dope event. For me, it was a bit overwhelming. It was BUSY, a lot going on, lots of people. People walking around holding sneakers up; wanting someone to buy. Booths with microphones, asking people to make a deal. And there was a basketball game going on. When I go back and look at photo’s on Instagram #sneakerconatl, I am like, wow I follow them, or they were there and I missed them. It looked like everyone there was having a good time.  Check out my pictures below. The outfit I planned to wear, didn’t go as planned…that’s another story! ???

Check out the Price of these Miami Hurricane Adidas Ultra Boost . Check out the Price on Stadium Goods, LOL. Is that a STEAL? Stadium Goods.


For SneakerCon, I rocked my Jordan 6, Chinese New Year. I have only worn those once, so I felt they would be perfect for SneakerCon.  I think the Packaging on the Chinese New Year is so pretty and detailed. Oh, and I KEEP my boxes, I love storing my sneakers in their boxes. It’s just ultra dope. LOL!!!

Want to cop a pair of the Chinese New Year? Click here! Jordan 6 Chinese New Year.

After SneakerCon, we hit Olive Garden for Dinner. And Dinner was good and All, but check out my drink! I don’t know the name of my drink, but it was good and it kept melting-was so delicious. LOL.

Weekends end entirely TOO fast, but I am thankful for them. I had a rough week last, so I was really looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the weekend. Which I did.

Wishing you the BEST week to come.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision.



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