Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up, Sneakers, Family and Six Flags

Weekend!! Has come to an end. If you have been rocking with me for a while. You know I am all about Sneakers, Food and my Family. That’s what weekends are for right? I mean we spend so much time at work, not ALWAYS doing what we love, but just to put food on the table, you should always use your weekends to your advantage to do MORE of what you love.

Anyone cop the Nike Fly Zoon Gyakusou? I knew this sneaker looked major dope, but I didn’t realize they were going to sell out. Sheesh. They look major comfy. The colorways were dope, especially for the gym and out door running. They should’t look too beat in time. Peep A few pics below.

My weekend was another amazing weekend per usual. Saturday my mom wanted to hit Whole Foods for lunch. I only got a Salad, because honey and I were having date night later on. I HAD to save room for O’Charley’s, chicken fingers and the Mango Heat Margarita and of course my amazing company. Always nice to be with someone who supports your dreams, your fears and thinks you are DOPE. I don’t know why I changed Sneakers So much yesterday-well twice, not that bad. LOL. With mom I rocked my Maya More-Jordan 1’s. Date Night, I rocked My Jordan 3, Sport Blue. Sneaker Love. ??

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Link to Purchase Maya Moore Jordan 1’s

Sunday Funday-Guess What I did? LOL. Six Flags with my cousin. I’m too old for Six Flags, but it was a BLAST. Rides make me laugh. My cousin is terrified and I laugh the whole time. (My cousin is a school teacher in Atlanta, she should be nominated for teacher of the year. She’s a good one!) If you ever go to Six Flags over Georgia, you HAVE to ride the Goliath and you HAVE to ride the Batman. So much fun. The rides are just over too fast!! We had the chicken nachos and Drinks. I think it’s SILLY that you have to stand in the food line for 45 mins to get a drink for the refillable drink cups. I seriously have a solution for that-barcodes and drink stations. But this is a Sneaker Blog-So I’ll move on. I rocked my Jordan 8’s-so I am not crazy about 8’s and I don’t have many pairs of 8’s. These were Deadstock-had to rock them today, with my Michael Jackson T-shirt. I think I copped the Jordan 8’s in 2015.

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My weekend was full. I am always thankful for my weekends. My mom didn’t get sick, I was able to hang with people that love me, let me be me-my life is good.

Wishing you the very best week to come.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!


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