Guess who has Player Exclusives? By Adidas…3 Stripes!

Drafted in 2008, Round 1, Number one pick over all, Rookie of the Year, MVP, Forward for the LA Sparks, WNBA Championship, Gold Medals. All amazing accolades and there’s more, check out Candace Parker’s Pro Bounce 18 , Player exclusive Adidas. I think it’s dope that Candace has her own exclusive colorway. I would assume  representing UTC Lady Vols Colors-but it would be nice to get a little more background on the sneaker, how they went with that Colorway? How did Adidas Choose Candace. Maybe tell more of a story. ( Pretend We know nothing, educate me). Candace has been with Adidas a long time. I know some times it has been tough. But in her Campaign via Instagram she says, when things get tough, “Left Foot, Right Foot, Breathe and Repeat-Be a leader and not a follower. ”

Here’s a Link to Purchase from Adidas Parker Pro Bounce.

I salute Candace Parker! Pictures belong to Candace and Adidas. ?

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!



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