SneakerVision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

The weekend is GONE!! And did it go by FAST. Weekends were made for Family, Food and Fun. Also the weekends were made for Cops! What did you guys pick up over the weekend? Everything that dropped was straight fire. The Purple and Black Jordan 1’s, The Green and Black Jordan 1’s and the Gold SB High Dunk’s. All beautiful Sneakers. I hope you got what you wanted.

Saturday is??? Yep!! Date Night. I had a taste for Lemon Pepper Wings, Fries and a Lemon Drop Martini. So that’s just what I got. Also, we have reached VIP status, so we got 10 dollars off our meal. Yay!! More drinks for me.

For some reason this weekend, I only Rocked my Fire Red 5 Jordan’s. I was trying to give good energy to my Atlanta Falcons, but my good energy was not to be found for them. I still support my Falcons. But they should have won.

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I visited TJ Maxx today and I found some really cute Adidas and Reebok’s. You can still rock sneakers and look cute on a budget. Stay tuned, I will do a new post on that this week. Check my IG story to see one Pair I saw!

Wishing you the best week to come. Stay focused-keep working towards your dreams.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision

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