Jemele Hill KEEPS landing on her feet

When I think of Jemele Hill, I think, sports writer, witty, woman of color and over all Authentic. I wonder if growing up in Detroit, did Jemele ever think she would be where she is today? Who knows, but that’s what makes it a Cinderella Story. Jemele started writing in 1999  as a Sports writer in Smaller publications. In 2006 Jemele made her move as a national columnist for ESPN.  Jemele  had some Challenges working with ESPN, suspensions and issuing apologies. Seems that no matter what, I always felt like Jemele was just in Speaking her mind. But I know certain sentiments are not allowed; when working for a major television network. Even the White House, Spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee; suggested,  that what Jemele said, should be a “fireable offense” .  WOW-but that’s another topic!

A few months ago,  it was hinted that Jemele would part ways with ESPN. This did happen. But I wasn’t sad for Jemele, I KNEW she would land on her feet. From my understanding Jemele walked away with 2.5 million dollars, not bad for a girl from Detroit trying to make it.

Then it comes out that Jemele will Narrate Lebron’s James, Shut up and Dribble-phrase made famous by Laura Ingraham, Fox News Host. Well it seems to me like Lebron James and Co, AND Jemele Hill are getting the last laugh. I think this is a DOPE move by Lebron, who has been conscious and deliberate about sharing dope opportunities with BLACK women. This makes my heart sing.

Thank you Jemele for staying true to yourself, making me laugh with your memes, almost daily and staying AUTHENTIC!

In the words of Charlamagne the God, “I will be glad when Jemele Hill is on a platform, where she can be herself”.  (not exactly what he said, but close).

Cover Photo belongs to my long time friend, Karen Fray, her and her kids attended the NCAS Dinner.

Peace, love and lots of Sneakervision!


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