Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up!! Date Night and Dub Zero’s!

Sneaker Lover’s, How was your weekend? My Saturday was pretty low key. Pretty Much hung out with my mom. She’s just getting our of the Hospital after a week. She’s happy to be home. Today (Sunday) we Had Waffle house For Breakfast. If you are from Atlanta you KNOW the Waffle House. It’s a Staple, a Must have in Atlanta. Waffles, Grits and cheese, hot coffee. We always share our breakfast, too much for one person to eat.

Sunday was date night with my honey. We have a favorite spot in Austell called Miyako Hibachi Sushi and Steak House. The portions are HUGE. He likes big portions. I can’t ever finish my dinner. We both had the Hibachi Chicken, Fried Rice, Soup and Salad. I had a nice cold glass of wine. The atmosphere is always relaxing and we have good conversation.

I pulled a pair of oldies but goodies out of the Sneaker Vault this weekend. I rocked my Nike Jordan Dub Zero’s. I know some people might consider the Dub Zero’s to be hybrids or not trendy, but I love them. I like the patent leather and print detailing on the Dub Zero’s. I like the beat look they have. I like that they are super old (2009) and not many sneakerheads are rocking them. Whatever you like, wear that. And be dope with it.

As always, I wish you the BEST week to come.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

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