DJ Sturgess talks Sneakers X Motivation with Sneakervision

When I first heard of DJ Sturgess, I was scrolling through Instagram. Just looking at Sneakers. I noticed that someone had shouted him out about his dope event that is hosted once a year, by The Sturgess Foundation.   I was interested in finding out more about him.  What The Sturgess Foundation does, is raise money for sneakers or you can donate your gently New/Used Sneakers, to kids that would not have the opportunity to get a New Pair of Sneakers to start the School Year. I think this is an amazing selfless gesture.

Also, I was able to talk to DJ Sturgess about his Holy Grails. A pair of Jordan’s he Still has and are in very good condition. You will have to watch the video to see. Also, DJ Sturgess has a Sneaker List, you will also have to peep the video to see who he shouts out!!

DJ Sturgess was one of the most humble guys I know. He has every right to be cocky. Amazing Spot on the Radio, working with big names, Dope Sneaker Collection and his foundation. DJ Sturgess was humble, knowlegdeable and kind enough to let me get a glimpse of his sneaker collection. Check out our video. In the words of DJ Sturgess, You keep it Locked, I Keep it lit!! I love that.

Thank you for watching. Check out DJ Sturgess on V-103, Instagram and Twitter. All under the same handle.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

Special thanks and shout out to Meagan Henry for the videography-M7 Creates on Instagram.

Main photo belongs to DJ Sturgess.

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