Will Smith Rumored New Sneakers with Nike, Jordan Grape 5’s

“On the playground where I spent most of my days…” we all know that famous verse from Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Song. If you didn’t watch that show growing up you missed out. What an amazing show. ALL black cast, crazy situations, Dark Skinned Aunt Viv, Light Skinned Aunt Viv and let’s not Forget all the Dope Jordan’s Will would rock. At the time, I honestly don’t think I paid Will’s Sneakers much attention at that time. Now that the show is no longer in production, I notice ALL the dope Sneakers he used to rock.  Well, I am hearing that an Air Jordan Grape 5 will release in 2018 with no laces, paying homage to Will Smith. I don’t know the exact release date. But I am sure they will sell out.

Are the Will Smith, Laceless Jordan 5 Grape’s a MUST cop for you? I think it would be a dope Sneaker to get.

Good Luck!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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