Julio Jones wants the Atlanta Falcons to RUN him his money!

Julio Jones is NOT reporting to training camp. Why not? He wants these Atlanta Falcons to RUN him his money. Julio Jones has been a Wide Receiver for the Atlanta Falcons since 2011. And according to Sporting News, they are ranking Julio as a 2018 top Wide Receiver, #3. Sporting News.  See Julio’s Stats below.


Julio’s and his agent, recently found out that he would NOT be getting a new contract for 2018.  His contract from 2015 is for $71 Million, AND a $12 Million signing Bonus with $47 Million Being Guaranteed. The problem is, Julio will NOT receive a roster bonus for the next 3 years. Which means he will make almost $3 Million Dollars less that he did in 2016.

Should the Atlanta Falcons Run Julio Jones his money? The NFL is worth Billions. Arthur Blank, the Atlanta Falcons Owner, is  worth $4.2 Billion Dollars. Julio is an amazing Wide Receiver and has been an upstanding  “employee”. Where they do that at? Atl Heaux. Run that man his money.

Just my take. Drop your comments below!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision

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