Sneakervision X Fieldtrip X Lenox Mall

This blog post was not planned BUT  I had so much fun on my unplanned fieldtrip to Lenox Mall. Today I had a PLANNED business meeting at Lenox Mall, only to be emailed at the last minute that my new contact was unable to meet me. Yes, I was very disappointed to have driven all that way, BUT I decided to take advantage of Nike sitting right there. I said why not? I never really get to Stroll through Nike when I go to Lenox. It was amazing, relaxing, and fun. I was able to take a few pictures of Sneakers and Women’s Clothes that I haven’t seen. I wish I could have cashed out today, but we must stick to a budget. See anything you like below?  The Sweet Spot of the Story is, I was super disappointed, yes! BUT I turned my disappointment into a fun fieldtrip to Nike. Today was truly about how I handled the situation. Disappointment are going to come in Life, Don’t let them control your control your whole day.

Check out Some cute stuff I took pictures of today.  Hope your week is going well Sneakerlovers!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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