Peachtree Road Race 4th of July, Sneakervision

Happy 4th of July Sneaker Lover’s I hope your 4th of July has been relaxing, fun and an all out good time.

I am not sure how many of you have heard of the Peachtree Road Race, but if you Google it; The Peachtree Road Race is one of the largest 10k’s in the south. The Peachtree Road Race has 60,000 Runners/Walkers. I have been participating in this event off and on since 2005. What makes this race is crazy is the HEAT and by completing the 6.2 miles in the sweltering heat, and hills is “winning”  the coveted Peachtree Road Race Tshirt. See picture of mine below. I need to find ALL of my T-shirts. I have a crazy collection.

The Peachtree Road Race Starts at the famous, Lenox Mall, on Peachtree Street. You get to pass by all the restaurants on Peachtree Street. You get to see racers dressed up in crazy outfits. Its Hot outside. There are Hills to climb, one called Cardiac Hill that passes right in front of the world renowned Shepherd Center. The Peachtree Road Race is full of spectators cheering you on. Volunteers Pass out water on the sides of Peachtree Street. I am good up until mile 4; then I start to get antsy. LOL. I am ready to finish the race. But you have to keep going. By the time you get to 10th street, you are TIRED. Did I mention it’s HOT. Like 80 Degrees at 8AM.  This is HOTLanta by the way. So you keep running or walking. The race ends in Piedmont Park. This is where you pick up your COVETED T-shirt, get fruit, and get cold water, Cokes and Powerade.

Over the years I have seen a few famous Faces at the Peachtree Road Race. John Lewis, Clark Howard, Former Mayor Shirley Franklin. Today I saw Vincent Fort. And I did not see Young Jeezy and the Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, but I saw where they ran the Peachtree Road Race.

Next Year Commemorates the 50th Peachtree Road Race. As long as I am healthy I plan to make the 6.2 Plus miles for my Hot, Fun, Road Race AND you know I have to get that T-shirt. I hope it’s a SPECIAL T-shirt.

Have fun with you families SneakerLovers!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

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