Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up!!

What’s good Sneaker Lover’s? I hope you had an amazing weekend. I did. A weekend away from work, with my family is always Nice. Saturday I went to Mary Mac’s. An old but popular spot in Atlanta. Mary Mac’s Serves LOTS of Southern cuisine. I had the Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese and Cabbage. One of the unique things about Mary Mac’s is that you write you order down yourself. The coolest part of this visit was that I saw the Great John Lewis. Amazing Man and still active, Civil Rights Activist. I DID want to scream, to me,  he is a rockstar. But I was cool. He looked great and he was chillin with his family. Here is the link to Mary Mac’s Mary Mac’s.

Saturday night, I went to see Uncle Drew. I thought Uncle Drew was a very cute, feel good basketball movie. Kyrie Irving, Shaquille O’Neal, Tiffany Haddish. The cast was star studded.  I won’t ruin the movie BUT If you love Basketball Nostaglia, like to laugh and want to see tons of sneakers this is a cool movie to see. Stay to end so you can see the out takes. I would give this Move an A. Uncle Drew.

I didn’t Rock anything to Crazy this weekend. I wore my Jordan 1 Re2pect to see Uncle Drew. Today I rocked my Air Max 97 Skepta.

Well Season 5 of Power is about to come on. I KNOW you all will be watching tonight.

Wishing you the BEST week.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!

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