Just Do it Turns 30 Nike

In 1988 Nike Coined the Phrase, Just do it. Since then we have seen Nike grow-many campaigns, many slogans. But None of those have stood the test of time Like Just Do it! Geez! I say that about everything. I really love that phrase, Just do it! It makes you feel like you can do anything. Running, Biking, Ballet, Basketball, blogging. Whatever you want to do-Just do it!

Check out the Air Max for Women that Nike is Dropping on 6/28. They have a deconstructed look, which is the in thing and they say Just Do it all over. The Special Edition Just Do It Collection will drop tomorrow at 10. They will cost you $130.00. The JDI collection will come in White and A Bright Orange. I think this is a Dope collection to add to you stash.



Happy Coppin!

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