AD Shares her Sneakers, NBA Championship Picks and her Motivation X Sneakervision

Yes, you know her from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. BUT what stands out the most for me is her love for Sneakers and her Brand. We got an opportunity to Chat with AD about Her Favorite Sneakers, Who she’s picking to win the NBA Finals and Her Motivation to keep going. She let me ask her a few questions. Take a peep below.

So AD, how long have you been collecting Sneakers? ” I fell in love with Sneakers in the 6th grade, 1993. I joined a travel Basketball team and that’s where it all began. Back then I balled in the Charles Barkelys and the Deion Sanders.”  Wow! Both Dope Sneakers. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of those now.

What pair of Sneakers are your Holy Grail’s? “My Grails are the Jordan 1’s “Banned” Red and Black. And the Jordan XI (11s) “Bred” . Geez man, I don’t have the “Banned 1’s” I can’t ever seem to cop them.

Has anyone ever stopped you and asked to buy the Sneakers off your feet? LOL. Do you mix Brands? Or are not a fan of mixing Brands? For example; Adidas and Nike. What is your favorite Brand?  “I have never been asked to buy the kicks off my feet but I have been asked “what size are those?” I definitely mix brands. I’m a fan of sneakers, any dope pairs!! My love is NIKE but I appreciate any brand that’s putting out heat and makes a good sneaker.”

What’s the most you have ever paid for a pair of Sneakers? “A pair of Adidas Yeezys “Zebra” $750.00.”

For your NBA dream team, past and present, who are/would be your top 5 picks and who are you giving that 6th man award to? LOL! “My Dream Team would be Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, 6th Man, Larry Bird! “  Super Dope team picks.

Are you constantly monitoring the Nike SNKRS App for releases? “I mostly only follow sneaker companies or blogs on social media to keep me up to date on what’s going on. Also, I check Kicks on Fire daily for updates.” Link to Kicks on Fire here Kicks on Fire.

Who you got in the NBA Finals? LOL!! “I am a Bulls Fan always have been win or lose. I have to be honest I have not watched this Season. But if I have to pick I want to go with the Rockets Vs. the Cavaliers. I would want to see the Cav’s take the Win!”

What inspired you to start your own Brand? What Keeps you motivated?

“I am a Sneakerhead to the Fullest! So the passion that I have for J’s is what actually drove me to start my own Sneaker Store name DiggTheKicks. My last name is Diggs so I thought it would be a perfect slogan. I am a Sneakerhead, and found a perfect location and space. However, I quickly realized that online distribution was the way to go. I created DiggTheKicks and added dope Sports Apparel to rock with dope Sneakers.”

“My Motivation to keep me going is because I grew up poor with a single Mother that I watched her Hustle to make sure my sister and I could eat. I think back to those times and it makes me not EVER want to give up and continue to work hard, grow and move with purpose in all things I do.”  I love what you said at the end, Grow and Move with Purpose.

Thank you AD for sharing  a part of your Life with Sneakervision! Check out her DOPE Sneakers Pics below. Link to her Online Store (link above) and show her some Love.



Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!

All Pictures featured Belong to AD. Please contact her directly for permission to use.







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