Atlanta’s Own Jazzy McBee Chops it up with SneakerVision

Yes, she is beautiful, Smart, talented,  From my city of Decatur, her Name is Jazzy McBee.  If you live in Atlanta you have heard her on on Streetz 94.5, as Ms. 10 to 2. But what intrigued me the most about Jazzy are the Dope Sneakers she always has on. So I reached out to her for a an interview. Check it out below to see what we talked about.

Do you strictly rock Jordan Brand, or what ever looks hot to you? “Although I have a bunch of Jordan’s, No I don’t strictly rock Jordan’s, I really don’t have a particular brand that I rock per say, I love what feels good, looks fashionable and comfortable.”

When did you start collecting Sneakers? What age?  “Man, I started Collecting Sneakers since I was little. I was never really a girly girl. So I didn’t like wearing the prissy dresses & or dainty shoes that little girls wore. I used to be a tomboy.  Playing with the boys, climbing trees and playing in dirt. In order to keep up with them I had to have sneakers! So that’s all I wore up until I got into College, then I was introduced to heels which were uncomfortable until I got used to them.”

How many pairs of Sneakers would you say you have? “Omg, I haven’t counted but I have a huge closet and a huge second bedroom closet and both are filled with sneakers! So I’m not really sure but its a lot! Lol!”

Favorite Pair? “My favorite pair would be Adidas low top NEO courtset sneakers, I think I have a pair in every color! Lol.” Wow nice, that’s a lot of Sneakers.

Do you have a Sneakerwall? “I haven’t gotten that far just yet. Maybe I’ll have a Sneaker wall built like the one in Footlocker in the future, we’ll see lol.” LOL!!!

Your style is very, as sneakerheads would say, sporty/street style-and you always keep it classy-do you get your style from just what you see online or do you wear what is comfy? “I wear what’s comfy to me. When I go out, I love to dress up and wear my heels. But when I’m  at work on the air or attending a relaxing atmospheric event I like to be very laxed. So I put on what’s stylish and comfy depending on my mood.”

Do you mix brands? For example Adidas and Nike? Or is that a no-no for you? “Hmmm, I usually don’t like to mix brands, if I’m lazy I might mix them but it would be Very subtle. Ex, I’ll have on some black Huaraches with black Adidas outfit,  no one will notice, but if they do, who cares I do me 🙂 ” I love it! Yes, always rock what YOU like.

Do you keep up with what’s dropping and what you gotta HAVE? “I used to keep up a lot on what’s dropping, but my schedule is so busy these days, I depend on my sneaker plug to keep me in the know of what’s hot or stylish to me.”  Nice, I need to get me a plug.

Any current MUST get Sneakers for you? What are they? “I don’t have MUST HAVE’s anymore. If I like them, old or new I’m going to get them and rock the hell out of them my way :).”  LOL YES!!!!

Do you collect any Posh brand Sneakers; like Gucci, Balenciaga, Louboutin? Or are you strictly Jordans, Nike, Adidas etc? “I have a few Louboutin , Chanel, & Bally Sneakers. But you spend so much money on a brand and rarely wear them. I’d stick to my Adidas Nike’s, Vans and Jordan brands. I wear them most!” You  have a VERY nice collection!

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Thank you Jazzy for taking the time to give a little insight on what you like and especially for being yourself, rocking what YOU like! Catch Jazzy here during the day. Streetz 94.5.


Thank you so much for Rocking with Sneakervision.

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!!

All pictures belong to Ms. Jazzy McBee.


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