My Sneakervision Journey

I started collecting Sneakers in College. Little did I know, sneaker watching and collecting, is an EXPENSIVE habit. If you aren’t in contact with other Sneakerheads or have a group/tribe, no one gets it. Sometimes being a Female Sneakerhead, is an especially lonely journey. No one understands the beauty of the Sneakers like you do. No one appreciates it. I was so thankful and grateful to find other female sneakerheads that get it. They rock sneakers, they aren’t trying to be all girly girly, they want to rock dope sneakers and the latest drops. They understand what deadstock mean, what unds (Undeadstock) means, what it means to take an L or a W on the Nike SNKRS app. Female sneakerheads get it.

2 years ago, I found my tribe. I found Instagram, with other ladies rockin the dopest sneakers, chasing sneakers just like me. It was refreshing! Around this same time, I started my blog. I wanted to blog about Sneakers, write about Sneakers and have my weekend wrap-up. Where I feature what I wore and where I dined in Atlanta over the weekend. So far, this has been great. BUT I still wanted more. So my blog is taking a turn. I have reached out to some really, super DOPE females, they have a big presence, but their love for sneakers is what is so amazing to me. These ladies GET IT.

So follow me on this journey, what’s the worst that could happen. At least you can grow into “the culture” learn about some new ladies-Sneakersheads.

Oh, I rocked my 11, Gamma Blue’s today. I just added the Win like 96 and 82’s just for fun. Ok bye!


Stay tuned!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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