Athleisure…What’s Good in the Work Culture

Gone are the days of wearing suits and high heels to work. At least for me. Work place culture has changed so much. With so many people working from home or  only visiting the office once a week. And with so many entreprenuer’s creating their own lanes, work place culture has gone from dressy, to super causal. I even have a co-worker that wears shorts to work. My BOSS wears shorts and Sneakers to work. I am normally in Sneakers and Jeans, unless I have to meet a client or going to a Networking event.

Nike, along with many other brands, are dropping A LOT of super dope Sneakers that I consider to be a Lifestyle Sneaker. Not necessarily to exercise in BUT mainly to Dress up your look. This is what I consider Athleisure. Where you can be super causal and sporty at the same time. From Huaraches to Air Max. Check Nike SNKRS app for release Dates and Details. See Dope Sneaker Pictures below.

How is the office Culture where you work? Can you rock Sneakers to work?

I hope you have a Super Amazing week Sneaker Lovers!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!!


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