Sneakervision’s Weekend Wrap Up!

Hi My Sneaker Lovers!! What’s up? So I had an amazing weekend, I hope you did too. My weekend consisted of The Black Panther, 2nd time around.  It seems like, the Black Panther becomes better, each time around. For the first screening, we didn’t stay until the very end. The very end of the Black Panther, gives you insight on what will happen next. I won’t spoil that part for you either. I still highly recommend the Black Panther, it’s a MUST see Movie.

After the movie, my honey and I hit a spot called Casa Grande.  Here’s the link, just in case you want to check Casa Grande Out. Casa Grande. We shared the Chicken Nachos Fajita Supreme. Here’s a few pictures below of our dinner and my drink. I know it was a blue margarita. I have no idea of the name, but it was GOOD!!


Also, I rocked my Jordan 5 Oreo’s for Date night this weekend. What Sneaker’s did you wear over the weekend?


Guess what else I did over the weekend? I started posting videos on my You Tube Channel, Sneakervision. So please rate, subscribe, let’s talk. My first video, I Debuted my Black Cement Jordan 3’s. You guys know I had to HAVE the Black Cements. They were a must add to the Sneaker Collection.  Here’s the Link to my channel.  Sneaker Vision. I’ll be posting more video’s. I really had fun doing the video.

I hope your weekend was Amazing!!

Peace, Love and Sneakervision!


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