For the Ladies- Nike Air Force 1’s Deconstructed

In an effort to make Sneakers more appealing to the ladies and a Sneaker for the ladies only, Nike constructed a team pf 14 ladies; To redesign 10 Pairs of Nike Air Force 1’s. Nike has high tops, Mules, Low tops and a few other Sneakers, Strictly for the ladies. More of a Street wear flair. My Favorite ones are the Rebel XX, they have a Zipper on the side and a slanted Lace-up on the other side.  All 10 Nike Air Force’s 1’s will drop On Wednesday 7th.  at 10 AM. The price point for the Air Force 1’s starts at $120 and goes up to $160. Which Pair will you be picking up on Wednesday ladies?  Which pair are you feeling the most? Happy Copping!! ?????????



Pictures belong to Nike

Peace, Love and Sneakervision

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